Parent Classes

St. Mark’s Periodically offers and hosts classes for Parents led by local experts. Check this page and the news page for current and future class offerings. Previous class offerings include:

Positive Discipline
Dr. Jenny Seiss. This approach to parenting is designed to teach children self-respect, responsibility & self-esteem. Jenny provides concrete tools designed to help parents get into their child’s world to understand what a child is really thinking, why mis-behavior occurs & how to create long lasting permanent fixes versus temporary band- aids. The class will be focused on preschool and elementary age children.

Understanding & Parenting Teeangers
Dr. Marcus J. Carlson. This class looks at the nature of adolescent development, trends in adolescent development as well as changes facing adolescents. Additionally, the class will discuss the role of parents, other adults, media and other influences in the lives of adolescents. Finally, this class will examine parenting and support strategies for adolescents. This class is designed for parents, but would be good for anyone who works with or cares about teenagers.

An introductory seminar on Adolescents is being offered on April 26:

The next Understanding & Parenting Teenagers Class will be:
Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8pm, September 5-26
Where: YMCA of DeKalb County
Cost: $10 per person, childcare provided
scholarships available for Y members


There are currently no parent classes scheduled for 2016. Classes will be scheduled for 2017 soon.