Grandparent Support Group Launching

Support Group for grandparents raising grandchildren Launching in DeKalb County

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church of Auburn has been awarded a grant from The Lutheran Foundation for the purpose of launching a support group in DeKalb County for grandparents raising their grandchildren. “In our culture today we have more and more grandparents in a situation where they are the caregivers for their grandchildren, raising them or even becoming their legal parents. We want to provide support for grandparents in this unique and important position,” noted Pastor Marcus J. Carlson. “We are excited to have a grandparent who will be leading our group and will be bringing in speakers who will provide information, support, tools and resources to grandparents,” Carlson added.

The group will meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month starting in October from 6:30-8:00pm at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in downtown Auburn. While this group is geared towards grandparents raising their grandchildren, it is open to all grandparents. One week each month will be dedicated to a time of sharing, support and discussion, while the other week will feature a speaker on a topic relevant to grandparents. Childcare will provided with a minimal donation suggested.